How to Become a Mentor

You can volunteer at Safety Harbor CoderDojo by becoming a Mentor. Mentors facilitate young people’s learning at a Dojo. Rather than lecturing and top down teaching, mentors are there to encourage the young people to explore technology and develop their own unique projects! Mentors can also help with Admin duties (registration check in, picture taking, social media, etc.).

We are always looking for both technical and non-technical mentors to help out for a couple of hours a week. Whether you're a pro at HTML, a great communicator, or someone who keeps things organized, your knowledge and experience would be welcome at our Dojo!

What mentors do

  • Help Ninja's who are stuck by teaming them up with another Ninja who can help.

  • Registration & check-in Ninjas at the beginning of each Dojo session.

  • Post Dojo pictures, videos, and updates to social our media accounts.

  • Manage and handout printed materials and rewards during Dojo sessions.

  • Review and check off Ninja projects to ensure they meet requirements.

  • Facilitate party planning.

  • Create and send out newsletter updates.

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Meet our Mentors

Anastasia Underwood, Dojo Co-Champion

Anastasia is Head of Youth Services at the Safety Harbor Public Library. She started the Safety Harbor CoderDojo program in 2015 with Nancy Vellucci, owner of ACE Computer Solutions. Anastasia enjoys developing library programs for children and teens that focus on technology and 21st century skills. In her spare time, she is a Girl Scout troop leader, avid reader, beach walker and theme park enthusiast.

Nancy Vellucci, Dojo Co-Champion

Nancy Vellucci has been working in computers for over 30 years. She took coding at SPJC and started working with IBM computers in the 90s. She then started her own company, Personal Computer Services, followed by Ace Computer Solutions, Inc. in 1998.  AT ACE, Nancy consulted businesses and individuals on computers, including software setup and integration, networking, websites, repairs, security and more.  She also taught smart technology to groups. She is semi-retired now and enjoys being a grandmother of 8 who loves kids and technology.  She first started working with CoderDojo in 2013 as a mentor and then collaborated with Anastasia Underwood to start the Safety Harbor CoderDojo in 2015.

Aaron Stine, Mentor

Aaron is the SVP of Products & Solutions at Identifi, where he produces cloud solutions using workflow, analytics, documents and electronic signatures.

Aaron has over 20 years of experience in software. He sold his first commercial software product at the age of 17 and has been hooked ever since. Aaron created the first web-based EDI platform for vision insurance and the world’s second web-based document management product. Today, Aaron helps Identifi customers move their business processes to the cloud.

Aaron is a DJ and father from Tampa, FL who does not enjoy talking about himself in the third person. Check Aaron out on LinkedIn to connect.

Laura Garcia, Mentor

Graduate from USF, in Computers Information Systems. Has over 10 years’ experience in Computer Management, with a successful track record in Project & Program Delivery. Has had the opportunity to encourage and support her daughter with Robotics and Odyssey of the Mind programs and wants to encourage others to enjoy the many benefits community programs can offer.

Billy Hartman, Mentor

Billy is a product developer at Identifi but has a broad background in many things. He has been around computers since he was a child and still finds them both fascinating and frustrating. Billy has many interests and hobbies. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with anyone who is interested in learning.

Chris Oppenheimer, Mentor

AVP of Support at Identifi

John Wible, Mentor

Quality Assurance Lead at Identifi

Chris Baston, Mentor

Web Developer at Identifi

Jeff Juszczak, Mentor

Vice President of Technology at Spectrio

Forrest Adams, Facilitator

Forrest has over a decade of teaching and training experience- from health care and gen ed to software and technology. Currently, she’s the Training Manager for Identifi.

Forrest a science lover and a word nerd- and coding is just another kind of language! While she may not be able to tell you why your web page isn’t working, her job in the Dojo is to find someone who can. She’ll also be the first face that greets you at the sign-in desk and the paparazzi that takes your photo with your belts and pins each time you earn and achievement.

Joey Paul, Junior Mentor

Vivienne Cseh, Junior Mentor

Aanya Bhandari, Junior Mentor