Languages We Offer

Safety Harbor CoderDojo offers a wide variety of courses. Whether they're an experienced coder or just starting out, Ninjas will find plenty of fun and challenging material with progressively difficult languages. 

NOTE: If you are new to Safety Harbor CoderDojo, you must watch the video at the bottom of the page for help with the sign up and registration process. There are steps you must follow to be able to register your child/children for the courses and you may not be successful without watching the video. Click here to watch the video.


SCRATCH - click here to watch video if new to sign up

Scratch is best place to start in CoderDojo. In these beginning courses, Ninjas create their own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share those creations online. Scratch uses an intuitive building block metaphor which makes it easy to get started.



HTML & CSS are the building blocks of the web. In these intermediate courses Ninjas learn to create their own websites that they can share online. Each project ends a new website complete with multiple pages, images, and menus. You must have completed Green Scratch to register here.



Javascript is the programming language of the web. In these intermediate courses Ninjas will learn to add code to build interactive websites. Each project introduces more programming concepts they can use to make their website really come alive! You must have completed HTML to register here.



Node.JS allows Ninjas to use their Javascript skills to build web server applications. In these advanced courses, Ninjas will build applications that connect to databases and interact with other web applications via APIs.



Apache Cordova allows Ninjas to use their HTML, CSS, and Javascript skills to build mobile applications. In these advanced courses, Ninjas will create apps that run on Android and iOS devices. They will create web services that power their apps to interact with databases and other web applications via APIs.


Check out the video above to learn how to sign up for the Dojo and register for your first course!